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Do you ever feel so overwhelmed or anxious that you find yourself losing patience, snapping at your partner or yelling at your children?

Does the thought of getting up in the morning and managing the tasks of another day seem so exhausting that you’d rather stay in bed?

Are you slowly isolating yourself from loved ones because you feel like a burden?

Is your self-esteem and body-image so poor it seems nearly impossible to put yourself together and go out?

Often in our darkest moments, everything seems out-of-control. Anxiety, depression, and overwhelm can be paralyzing. We know we want to show up differently, but how?

Within each of us exists the capacity for change. However, navigating personal growth is an uncomfortable process. As a therapist, I offer tools and support for clients to release fear, resistance, and limiting beliefs that hold us back. Through the application of holistic psychology and the solid foundation of a trusting therapeutic relationship, we work together to facilitate a shift towards healing.

I’m here to help you improve your life and move in the direction of your dreams.
You choose what to work on, and we collaborate to get you there.

Some of my areas of expertise include:

  • Navigating periods of anxiety and depression
  • Bolstering self-esteem through challenging and changing self-talk
  • Creating a healthy relationship with food and our bodies
  • Moving forward after trauma
  • Addressing unhealthy behaviors such as self-injury, purging, and substance use
  • Adjusting to life transitions such as college, marriage, parenthood, divorce, job loss and career changes
  • Developing deeper, more meaningful relationships
  • Increasing assertiveness and learning to set boundaries
  • Applying mindfulness throughout our lives in order to be more present and engaged
  • Exploring the mind-body connection and applying yoga as an adjunct to counseling
  • Identifying strengths and aligning with your highest self in order to create a meaningful life you love

Ultimately our wounds can become our greatest gifts, propelling us forward to learn more about ourselves that we could have ever imagined.
Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. It is up to us to choose our experience.


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Just when the caterpillar thought her life was over, she became a butterfly. - Chuang Tau

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