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Through a combination of holistic psychotherapy techniques, I help clients as they navigate through difficult times. I am an empathetic counselor who values our therapeutic relationship above all else, and guide clients recognize their own inner strength.

Some of my unique areas of knowledge include:

  • Helping clients reconnect with food and their body.
  • Supporting mothers through perinatal mood and anxiety disorders and the general overwhelm of motherhood.
  • Aiding clients who are coping with chronic pain and the emotions that accompany physical issues and illness.
  • Teaching mindfulness practices and targeting behaviors through the structure of Dialectic Behavior Therapy.
  • Incorporating sand tray therapy to resolve unconscious issues.
  • Strengthening the mind-body connection through therapeutic yoga practices.

In addition, I often help people with adjusting to life transitions, and in coping with anxiety and depression.

Eating Disorders & Body Image

Have you ever found yourself obsessing about food and your body, as if being thin would solve all your problems? Does even the thought of food bring on anxiety, or is food all you can think about? Do you use food for comfort and eat your feelings? Does feeling hungry allow you to focus on something besides painful emotions? If this sounds like you at all, your relationship with food and your body is taking up too much space in your brain, and there’s another way.


Maternal Mental Health

You wanted this baby more than anything else, and now that you’re pregnant or the baby has arrived, you wonder, “What have I done?” Do you ever think of running away, that perhaps your family would be better off without you? Have you imagined divorcing your partner, or find yourself constantly irritated with them? Do you feel overwhelmed by rage or sadness? Are you experiencing scary, unwanted thoughts and fears of something bad happening to your baby? These are more than new mom worries, and there’s help.


Chronic Pain

Are you suffering with chronic pain or illness that leaves you feeling depressed, anxious, or just not like yourself? When we live with pain in our bodies, it can negatively impact our emotional state.


Sand Tray Therapy

Perhaps you aren’t sure what you’d say in therapy, or don’t have the words for your experience. Maybe you feel stuck on a particular issue, or prefer a more creative therapeutic approach. If this is you, sand tray therapy is a wonderful option as it allows us to express ourselves without words.


Dialectic Behavior Therapy

Does it seem like everything is a crisis and life is incredibly hard to manage? Do you use unhealthy coping behaviors like self-harm, substances, or disordered eating? Do you see the world from an all or nothing point-of-view? If this sounds like you, Dialectic Behavior Therapy can be incredibly beneficial.


Yoga & Mindfulness

Ever find yourself feeling pulled in five different directions, or overwhelmed by the never ending to-do list in your mind? Or get debilitated by ruminating on the past or worrying about the future? When we practice yoga and mindfulness, we tap into our ability to be in the present moment. Our busy, hectic lives demand that we are constantly on alert and can bring us to a place of chronic stress. Yoga and mindfulness are the antidote because they access the healing side of our nervous system. There are a multitude of mindfulness practices, we will work together to find the ones that are right for you.


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